Nature photography has taken me to fascinating places and has taught me a lot about animals and nature in general. It has also taught me to watch, listen, endure bad weather, and be patient.

I was born in Madrid in 1975. Nature photographer, specialized in landscape, wild animals and severe meteorology since 2001. My favorite subjects to photograph are raptors, mountains and thunderstorms. I also enjoy practicing climbing, mountain trekking and mountain bike.

Photography is a very valuable tool to show others the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. Today's man, in the name of unsustainable progress, is deteriorating the environment to which he belongs and it is happening at an ever-increasing speed. Hopefully we know how to preserve the planet and its biodiversity for future generations. All the animals photographed on this website are in the wild, in complete freedom and in their natural environment. I also feel that way when photographing them.

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My images are internationally distributed through several photographic agencies and have been published in different media. I hope you enjoy the images that I show you on this website. Thank you for your visit.